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About Us

Global young leaders and career development is an organization created to empower young Africans to cause change and development in Africa as well as training, coaching and helping them follow their passions. We currently have 700 members from 23 different African countries. We do have talk sessions on WhatsApp group /zoom once in a week by leaders from all over the world. Aside the talk sessions we hold, we do have other activities like “share your journey series” where the members get the chance to share their journeys on the platform or an invited guest (people who are living or survived particular conditions) share their journeys on Instagram live to inspire others.

Our Mission

Concern about Our Mission

To become a global voice for young Africans whiles training, coaching and grooming them in their careers and empowering them to cause change and development in Africa.

• Integrity
• Innovation
• Equality
• Empowerment
• Career Development
• Community Development

To hold annual conferences in a selected African country with the aim of practically tackling pressing economic and social issues faced by Africa with a focus centered on achieving the SDGs

• To be one of Africa’s leading organizations who contributed to the change and
development of Africa.
• To build up the next generation of Africans to have a mentality for change.
• To build Africans up to be a better version of themselves in all areas of their life.
• We are contributing to a better tomorrow for Africa and its citizens by solving
some of the problems that have led as to be underdeveloped.

Meet Our Team

Talented Team behind GYLCD

Rachel Biamah Bamfo


Ignatius Awutey Xenyah

Director of Corporate Relations

Elizabeth Ewudiwa

Director of Marketing and Communication

Okyere Dorcas Goodhead

Director of Delegate Relations

Mends Shadrack Nyamekye

Executive Assistant to Founder

Nii Anyetei Akogyeram

Director of Internal Relations

Meet Our Speakers


Share Your Journey Series